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  • Boy Breaker March 26, 2020
    Garrett Kinsley has been fantasizing about his big, beautiful, brawny new roommate, Josh Brady since they moved in; and, tonight's the night all his dick thickening dreams cum true! The tight tailed twink kneels on the bench at the foot of his bed, showing off that spectacular seat in a sexy pair of super snug […]
  • Dishing it Out March 12, 2020
    jacob Hansen hasn't been pulling his weight around the house, and roommate Max Carter isn't about to let the boy slide one more time. So, when Hansen strolls cavalierly into the kitchen while Carter is doing the dude's dishes and playfully sprays him with water....... it goes DOWN! Soaking wet, and mad as hell, Master […]
  • Public Punishment February 27, 2020
    It's boys night, and all your favorite twink fuck and spank stars are chinning in the game room. Jacob Hansen accidentally unplugs the Pac-Man machine Travis Stevens JUST hit the high score on, there's hell to pay, PUBLICLY! Travis bends him right over in front of all his buddies for a butt spanking beat down […]
  • Spank Pass February 13, 2020
    Alex Riley Had a cock stiffening conversation with boyfriend, Tyler Sweet in bed about his deep desire to spank the pretty boy. After chatting for a bit, Sweet, who has the BEST back seat to spank on the planet, agrees. Alex knows he's about to spank the best ass ever, and goes at it 100%! […]
  • Sorry Ass May 20, 2019
    After waiting two hours for his boy toy at a restaurant, Max Carter storms into Taylor Colman's place to find the meaty assed millennial fast asleep after a night of partying. Master Max wakes the sleeping booty with a swift smack to his ample ass, anxious to give him a piece of his mind, and […]
  • Bad Boyfriend May 6, 2019
    When Max Carter comes home after a long day at work to find boyfriend, Lucas Burke sleeping the day away, AND he's has been on Grindr?!?! To say he isn't pleased is an understatement. He bends little Lucas over his knee and teaches the twink a lesson. Carter spanks Burke's beautifully smooth alabaster ass until […]
  • Spank and Suck April 22, 2019
    We've upped the ante with this smacktacular spank scene sizzler! Not only are we bringing you the hot, bare assed, booty beat down "Spank This" has become famous for; but, we've added extra spice to this one boys! The erotic experience opens with uber hot, tattooed newcomer, Ashtin Bates getting wet in the shower, swinging […]
  • Bubble Butt Beat Down April 8, 2019
    Taylor Coleman is ready to broaden his sexual horizons; and, he knows just the man to help him out. So, the cute, dirty blond twink heads on over to Mr. Johnny Hands' house. After speaking on the phone, Mr. Hands is well aware the boy hasn't taken his erotic experiences to the delicious dark side..... […]
  • Travel Size Kink March 11, 2019
    Dedicated disciplinarian, Johnny Hands arrives home after a long flight. Frustrated from flying, he anxiously unzips his carry-on, which contains precious cargo. Curled up into submission, hogtied hottie, Chase Williams uncurls from his confines and bends over the bed at his master's command. Hands gathers his favorite tools and, gets to work, flogging fuck boy's […]
  • Asking for It February 25, 2019
    Tristan Adler is up to no good and lookin' for trouble when he interrupts hair trigger tempered Travis Stevens by crunching on Doritos. The blond Adonis grabs the little mischief maker, hikes him over the couch and bends him over his knee. The sexy strong man has no mercy, spanking Adler's ass with big open […]
  • Taught February 11, 2019
    Alpha ass master, Josh Brady has a beautiful new, bubble bootied roommate, Kurt Niles. Naughty newbie Niles hasn't yet learned the lay of the land; so, he makes a big mistake, borrowing Brady's belongings without asking. Josh is more than happy to make this a teachable moment for our tasty twink. He pantses pretty boy […]
  • Guy Games January 28, 2019
    It's Josh Brady's day off and he wants to spend it relaxing and playing video games; but, Trevor Harris has other ideas. While Josh is focusing on his game, Trevor tries desperately to get the hot hunk's attention. Finally fed up, Brady pauses his game and bends the sexy, slender twink over his knee. Brawny […]
  • Hogtied December 10, 2018
    Blond twink Julian Bell has been a bad boy purposely in hopes that hot, heavy handed Johnny Hands notices his naughty ways and will deliver the appropriate punishment. Bell has been waiting patiently outside Mr. Hands lusty lair tied up with red rope and ready to get raunchy. When Julian can no longer take the […]
  • Twink Spank November 19, 2018
    Max Carter always brings it hard, weather behind the camera directing and editing or in front of the camera's lusty lense he's always porn perfection. So, when tasty twink Riley Finch shows up to film unprepared and interrupts Mr. Carter asking to borrow wardrobe, the hung heavy dom director gives the gorgeous young guy three […]
  • Belted November 12, 2018
    The big dicked bad boy who recently released a biography now releases some raunchy rage in this heavy handed spank scene! Mr. Blake Mitchell is up waiting for tasty twink Trevor Harris who took his hot rod out for a joy ride without telling him. Needless to say, Blake is PISSED and takes to paddling […]
  • Clean Freak November 5, 2018
    When Johnny Hands comes home to find roommate, Marcell Tykes has left their place a mess, he isn't happy to say the least. Hands runs a tight ship and is hellbent on teaching the tight bootied twink a lusty lesson. Marcell is lounging about on his bed while their place looks like a dorm room […]
  • Yes Sir October 29, 2018
    Johnny Hands is always the master of his domain. The dom DICK-tator arrives home after putting in an 8 hour work day and, STILL has his extra large hands full with not one, but two beautiful boys who have been anxiously awaiting his return. Johnny's live in lad, Dylan Hayes doesn't like to share; but, […]
  • Hands On October 22, 2018
    Super hunk Johnny Hands catches adorable little twink Riley Finch sniffing a pair of his musky, manly smelling underwear. Hands isn't happy having his privacy violated; so, he bends the bad boy over to teach the twink a lesson. The professional posterior paddler uses every ounce of force, winding up his thick, muscled arm to […]
  • Bad Housekeeping October 8, 2018
    The Helix mansion houses all of our fresh, young talent and Cameron Parks is the house master who rules with a iron fist. He has a set of rules in place that keeps every star and their bedroom porn perfect. If a boy bends those rules in any way, there's a heavy handed price to […]
  • Pleasure and Pain October 1, 2018
    It's his way or the highway with Master Max Carter! We join Mr. Carter relaxing after a long day at work with tasty Trevor Harris on his knees helping him unwind. Max has told the boy "no teeth,' and he only gives ONE warning! After the second incisor slip up, he bends the boy over […]

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